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Revisiting the Trinity in Acts 2: A Reply to Dale Tuggy

Tuggy’s rebuttal was high on rhetoric but lacking in substance. He, moreover, thoroughly misrepresents the position of Trinitarians such as myself. Tuggy’s assertions notwithstanding, the book of Acts — and in particular Peter’s sermon here in Acts 2 — is thoroughly Trinitarian.

The Trinity in Acts 2: A Refutation of Dale Tuggy

Biblical Unitarian Dale Tuggy published an article at his blog in which he argues that belief in the doctrine of the Trinity and deity of Christ are not definitional to the gospel, and are not essential for salvation. After all, Tuggy, points out, Peter in his proclamation to the Jews in Acts 2 makes no mention of those doctrines.

Advice to Young Aspiring Apologists

In this article, I want to address those who are young, perhaps in their late teens or in their 20’s, and who aspire to do public work in apologetics. In particular, I want to reflect on my observations over the past six or seven years of involvement in apologetics and what lessons I have learned in the process — sometimes, unfortunately, the hard way.

Atheist Matt Dillahunty Goes After Intelligent Design — and Stumbles

Dillahunty’s argumentation may be appealing to those who are unacquainted with ID or the classical arguments for the existence of God — which I suspect comprises the majority of his Atheist Experience audience. But to any fair-minded individual, Dillahunty’s arguments reveal that he has not interacted in any meaningful fashion with the primary literature by advocates of ID or theism.

The Status of Women According to Islam

The status of women in Islam is a subject enshrouded in controversy. According to many Muslims, Muhammad was a champion of women’s rights, bestowing upon the women in his community privileges and rights that they did not have previously.