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On Matthew Hartke’s Five Reasons to Doubt the Resurrection

Matthew L. Hartke is a former Christian who hosts the blog “Resurrection Review,” on which he analyzes and discusses the origins of Christianity. A correspondent recently brought to my attention an article posted on Hartke’s site, provocatively titled “Five Reasons to Doubt the Resurrection” and asked me if I could respond to it.

Yes, Bart Ehrman, Jesus is Yahweh

Ehrman published two blog posts, claiming that the idea that Jesus is Himself Yahweh is a recent doctrinal innovation, completely foreign to the New Testament and the ancient church. Ehrman even goes so far as to say that this is the view of only “some conservative evangelical Christians” and that “I’ve never even heard the claim (let alone a discussion of it) until very recently.”

A Commentary on Romans — Longing to Go to Rome (1:8-15)

Paul’s intended trip to Rome, a journey that he purposed to eventually take him to Spain (Rom 15:22-29), had two basic objectives. The first was to enjoy fellowship with the believers in Rome (Rom 1:11-12), and the second was to preach the gospel to those who were in Rome (Rom 1:13, 15).