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A Commentary on Romans — Longing to Go to Rome (1:8-15)

Paul’s intended trip to Rome, a journey that he purposed to eventually take him to Spain (Rom 15:22-29), had two basic objectives. The first was to enjoy fellowship with the believers in Rome (Rom 1:11-12), and the second was to preach the gospel to those who were in Rome (Rom 1:13, 15).

A Matter of Days: Interpreting the First Chapter of Genesis

In this article, I will explore the text of the first chapter of Scripture, Genesis 1, with a view towards determining whether this text commits one to a young earth interpretation of origins, or at least the extent to which the text tends to support such a view, if at all.

A Commentary on Romans — The Prologue (1:1-7)

Paul had, at the time of his writing, never visited the Roman church in person (Rom 1:13; 15:22-29). He thus expands his salutation so as to include a creedal summary of the gospel and his apostolic calling. Presumably Paul’s intent here was to establish credibility with the recipients of his letter, whom he had not yet met with in person.

Did Death Exist Before Man Sinned? Appraising a Creationist Argument

Some may wonder why I have chosen to address this topic prior to engaging with other topics (such as the meaning of the ‘days’ in Genesis 1). I have done so because many young earth creationists consider this to be the more pressing concern, and perhaps even the strongest argument for their position from Scripture.