Theology and apologetics

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A Defense of Theological Rationalism

Theological rationalism is the view that, generally speaking, the only way to have rational confidence in the truth of Christianity is by looking at the public evidence.

Investigating Alleged Contradictions in the Old Testament

Even if these contradictions turned out to lack possible harmonization, at best the only outcome would be that we might be compelled to revise our understanding of inspiration or inerrancy. It would in no wise detract from the central truth claims of the Christian faith.

Christ the Spiritual Rock: Deuteronomy 32 in Relation to the New Testament

The New Testament is rich with allusions to the Hebrew Scriptures. Regrettably, in modern Christendom, we are largely ignorant of much of the Old Testament, and so these allusions are lost on us. When they are discovered, however, they help to illuminate the Bible’s teachings on the nature of Jesus Christ.